Corporate, Commercial & Trade Law

Corporate, Commercial & Trade Law

Experienced New York Lawyer for Mediation & Arbitration

As an international attorney with experience living around the world and handling a wide range of international and domestic business matters on behalf of her clients, Carolyn Hansen will use her skills to promote your interests.

At her law practice — Carolyn E. Hansen, Esq. Attorney at Law & Mediator — thoughtful service is augmented by an international perspective. If you wish to speak with an New York attorney, who also serves Ulster County, the Hudson Valley, New York City and Albany, NY, regarding your questions involving corporate, commercial, or trade law, contact her Stone Ridge law office.

International Attorney Based in the Hudson Valley in Stone Ridge, New York also serving New York City and Albany

In Carolyn's international corporate and commercial law practice, she advises business entities that are involved in commercial activities with another country. This may include importing and exporting, investing, joint ventures, manufacture of a product, technology licensing, or other commercial or financial arrangements. International law can be divided in two main categories — public international law and private international law.

Public international law involves:

  • Treaties between governments, including those governing trade and travel between countries
  • Decisions or regulations of the European Union
  • Actions of international organizations such as the United Nations and World Trade Organization
  • Decisions of international courts such as the International Court of Justice
  • Other laws that are either created by more than one national government or by an international organization or recognized international entities that have impact beyond one nation

On the other hand, private international law includes the national laws of a country that apply to anyone — resident or not — who is operating there. These laws also apply to that country's citizens and established companies as they partake in international activities. Private international law includes rules for determining what law applies when more than one country's law could apply, which is itself a field of law called "conflict of laws." Typical examples of private international law include laws controlling foreign investment in a country or its trade laws.

Serving Clients in Private International Law Matters

Much of Ms. Hansen's work involves private international law — that is, local law that controls how companies are set up, how contracts are established, and how trade is regulated. Anyone in international business may, however, also be affected by public international law, so it is important for your counsel to be familiar with this area of law as well.

Utilizing extensive cross-cultural experience as an international lawyer — as well as the experience gained from time spent living in Europe and Asia — her representation is designed to help clients avoid legal problems, accomplish objectives in the best way possible, and foster long-term relationships with business colleagues in other cultures. She travels to help resolve legal issues, whether that requires domestic travel or international travel.

Trade Law Attorney

Carolyn has many years of experience counseling clients all over the world in the area of trade law. She have advised major companies, including S.C. Johnson: A Family Company, Schering-Plough Corporation, and Ralston Purina Company, regarding international business mergers and acquisitions, foreign investments and international and United States trade law. She has also served as a security-cleared international trade advisor to the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Office of the United States Trade Representative on international trade treaty negotiations with special focus on the biotechnology industry and customs law.

As a result of this experience, she knows of the systems and rules that govern imports and exports. She assists clients in maintaining compliance with these rules and acceptable trade practices.

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Carolyn's firm offers thoughtful services in the areas of corporate, commercial, and trade law. She has prepared and negotiated hundreds of successful business contracts. With years of experience and the ability to communicate effectively with clients all over the world, Carolyn E. Hansen, Esq. Attorney at Law & Mediator is a trusted name.

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