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As a New York County lawyer, I have been able to help clients throughout New York and around the world reach agreements through alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration. At my office - Carolyn E. Hansen, Esq. Attorney at Law & Mediator - you can rest assured that I am ready to do everything in my power to help you achieve a holistic and healing resolution that avoids litigation if at all possible. As a skilled mediator with many years of cross-cultural experience, I am uniquely equipped to provide both domestic and international mediation services. Learn more about the services I offer below.

International & Domestic Arbitration
Arbitration is a process through which a neutral third party arrives at a decision after hearing both sides of a contested issue. The arbitrator's decision can be binding or not, depending on how the original arbitration agreement was written. Learn more about this method of alternative dispute resolution.

International Mediation
I spent many years living overseas in Europe and Asia and I speak multiple languages. My cross-cultural experience is invaluable in issues of international commercial mediation. I can help you avoid litigation while at the same time serving as a bridge in the midst of issues of cultural miscommunication.

Domestic Mediation
Mediation is an excellent method of alternative dispute resolution that allows both parties to talk through their disagreement in a controlled, respectful, and courteous environment under the oversight of a neutral third party. To learn more, contact Carolyn E. Hansen, Esq. Attorney at Law & Mediator to schedule a consultation.

Helping You Achieve Resolution Through Mediation

Are you hoping to come to an agreement without going to court? Call my Stone Ridge law office, Carolyn E. Hansen, Esq. Attorney at Law & Mediator, to discuss your situation during an in-person consultation. I am prepared to help you explore your options in order to pursue an ideal resolution.

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