Why Hire Us?

Why Hire Us?

Carolyn E. Hansen, Esq. Attorney at Law & Mediator

When you consult with the firm of Carolyn E. Hansen, Esq. Attorney at Law & Mediator, to handle your legal matters in Kingston, Ulster County, New York, and New York City you will thoughtfully heard and supported in accomplishing your objectives.

Experienced International Attorney, Mediator and Arbitrator

As an experienced and accomplished New York attorney, mediator, and arbitrator who operates in New York City, Ulster County and Albany with principal office near Kingston, Carolyn has handled a broad range of international and domestic legal matters over the course of her law practice . She studied law in the United States and in Europe. Her experience includes in-house counsel for large multinational corporations and private practice. Besides extensive international travel to handle legal matters for US clients, she lived in Taiwan and founded an international law practice there. In Taiwan, her clients were US and European firms doing business in Asia and Taiwan government entities and business firms engaged in international matters. Carolyn speaks Mandarin Chinese and has a working knowledge of Spanish. She travels in the US and internationally as needed by her clients for mediation, arbitration, and legal services. Her experience living in Asia and Europe made her aware of the importance of being skilled in cross-cultural communication. Her expertise in cross–cultural communication benefits her clients.

Providing Legal Services, Mediation and Arbitration Services to International & Domestic Clients

Carolyn is dedicated to working with her clients to achieve their goals in a manner which will prevent problems. She advises her clients in a manner to guard against misunderstandings with the business people with whom they interact. Though the Alternative Dispute Resolution Services she provides, she assists parties in ending conflict. Her mediation services enable parties to find their own, mutually agreed resolution of the dispute. Her arbitration services are provided to determine the best decision to resolve a dispute when the parties are unable on their own or through mediation to do so. Carolyn enjoys speaking at conferences, leading workshops and writing for publication on a variety of topics including business, trade, anti-trust and intellectual property law in the US and overseas. She also teaches mediation, especially skills in cross-cultural communication related to mediation. She has given presentations at international conferences, the New York State Bar Association Annual Meeting, and before business and professional associations and has been published in professional journals, scientific journals and law review. Her writing includes law topics, mediation, and the re-emergence and importance of current trends in law to make law practice more beneficial to clients.

From handling legal matters for individual clients such as real estate transactions, probate issues, and estate planning to serving corporate/business and non-profit clients around the world in mediation or arbitration proceedings or as legal counsel, Carolyn is comfortable working in the arenas within her scope of practice. Her added focus on alternative dispute resolution, especially mediation, allows her to further support clients in achieving the outcomes they want regarding legal quandaries they may encounter.

Business and Non-Profit Organization Attorney, Mediator and Arbitrator in Ulster County, New York City and the Mid-Hudson Valley

Carolyn's goal is to help her corporate clients accomplish their business objectives and to guide management to operate easily and lawfully. With a broad network of colleagues in other countries and the ability to speak multiple languages, Carolyn offers special support to her clients.

In addition to English, Carolyn speaks Mandarin Chinese, has a functional command of Spanish and reads French. Having lived for 12 years in Asia as the head of an international law consultancy, she understands international business. You are invited to choose her firm — Carolyn E. Hansen, Esq. Attorney at Law & Mediator.

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Whether you have questions about your business or non-profit organization, need help resolving a dispute, are planning your personal estate or involving real estate, Carolyn would like to assist you. Contact Carolyn E. Hansen, Esq. Attorney at Law & Mediator to request a consultation.

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